Weerong waterproofing & Service Pte ltd

Products & Services

Waterproofing is a very specialized trade and Weerong Waterproofing & Service Pte Ltd has been in this niche business for 13 years. The company recognizes talents and has groomed a skilled team to manage their projects whether they are new, and upgrade or simply for maintenance. The team of knowledgeable staff helps to ensure the integrity of their waterproofing systems as well as provide quality services to ther customers.

Services: Weerong Waterproofing & Service core business and capabilities are in the specialized waterproofing and related services which include:

(A) Waterproofing installation System to:
Concrete (Existing & New)
RC Roof/Roof Garden

Metal (Existing & New)
Metal Roof
– Metal Gutter

Clay Roof Tiles (Existing & New)
Clay Tile Roof


Panel Roofing & Carpark Flooring


(B) Structure Repair Works to:

Leakage/Seepage (Internal & External) Wall & Roof


(C) Grouting Services

PU/Epoxy Grout or coating

(D) Waterproofing Consultancy – Solution Provider

(E) Internal Wet Works
– Toilet Waterproofing
– Kitchen Waterproofing

(F) Painting Works
We hereby do provide problem solving for all type of waterproofing projects. This can include site visits and recommendations for the use of specialty applications. Our teams of well-trained project managers are able to assist and give professional feedbacks on your queries.